HTC Nexus 6 Concept Made Us Fall in Love

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We’re closer to a new Nexus device than you think, but till then we’ve got concepts coming! Aleksandar Tesic has imagined a HTC Nexus 6 render, that’s shown below and it’s totally minimalistic and beautiful.

HTC Nexus 6 render

This looks like a 5+ inch device with a total edge to edge screen and possibly a 2K resolution. The camera is extremely discrete and its flash seems a bit too sci fi for real life. The HTC Nexus 6 has a brand new set of icons, totally flat and iOS 7-like, especially the camera icon shown here. There are also a few elements from a typical HTC interface, but they’re very subtle.

The handset seems to be a slab of smooth material, maybe some type of new polycarbonate or maybe something else. The Nexus 6 has a bunch of stereo speakers upfront, in the good tradition of BoomSound audio. And then there’s the GIF below, with yet another set of minimalistic icons, a bit too much gray if you ask me and a very nice organization of the notifications.


[via Aleksandar Tešić]

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