HTC One Tablet Render, Inspired by HTC One X

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Deviantart member LorenzoItaly imagined a new HTC tablet and just like Nokia slate renders that are based on the Lumias/N9, this model is based on the HTC One X. The device is dubbed HTC One Tablet, it adopts the HTC Sense interface and the discrete upper grille at the top area, like on the One X.

We’ve also got a front camera and 3 capacitive buttons below the display, so basically this is an enlarged HTC One smartphone expanded to its max width. I certainly hope this model kept the soft touch back of the One X, that was very nice to handle and had good grip. The discrete camera integration would also be welcome here, with that metallic ring and “circle inside a circle” approach. And now let’s imagine some hardware specs for this baby!

I say it has a quad core Snadpragon S4 CPU, 32 GB of storage, HTC Sense 5.0 and Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. LTE should also be present, as well as a 10.1 inch 1200p display and 2 GB of RAM. The camera at the back should be a 5 or 8 megapixel sensor, the ImageSense ones from the One S and One X. The stylus is optional here and HTC may make it more complex and sell it separately, for extra functions. Do you think HTC will unveil a new tablet in 2013?

[via Deviantart]