HTC TE17 Concept Phone Has a Totally Different Format

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Prolific designer Hasan Kaymak is back, with the HTC TE17 concept phone, which attempts a new design format. It’s got a 5.7 inch OLED display, which makes it feel like an iPhone X rival. If it’s special or not we learn below.

The format is atypical, not rectangular for sure, but more like a pebble, with very curved sides. The back camera is an odd duck, since it seems to lack a flash. I also seem to have spotted some “steps” within the sides, with makes the design’s transition from front to back more smooth. It’s the sort of phone you see in a sci fi flick from a few years ago.

The device’s screen also functions as a scale, thanks to increased sensitivity. It can weigh objects, even a small as a penny. The format is more oval than rectangular, elongated towards the ends. I see there’s no fingerprint scanner here, so it’s probably embedded within the screen panel. It all feels like a “mirror mirror on the wall” in a fairy tale, which the average user may not see fit for a modern phone.

At least it breaks from the shackles of the Omnibalance, Lumia, HTC or other standardized designs. This is only part 1 of the gallery and we’ll be back with more.

[via Hasan Kaymak]

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