HTC One Watch Render Seems Taken out of Tron

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You know it’s a HTC concept when Hasan Kaymak sends you an email with fresh goods! This time we’re not dealing with a phone or a tablet, but instead with a watch. Meet the HTC One Watch, rendered below and looking as if it was taken straight out of a Tron movie.


The device makes me think of the HTC Incredible and Butterfly models for some reason and the combination between black, white and red is certainly fashionable and chic. This accessory is pretty big, certainly bigger than the Samsung Galaxy Gear and it seems to sport sort of a red-ish Home button upfront. We get a large edge to edge screen and big side buttons and I speculate that the diagonal here is around 2.5 inches or more.

We also get a front camera (or microphone, whatever the front hole is), plus a seriously impressive set of speakers, most likely with BoomSound technology. The bracelet of the HTC smartwatch is fused within the device and it’s massive and probably a bit heavy. I’m curious what the material choice here is… Maybe carbon fiber? Kevlar?

[Thanks Hasan Kaymak]

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