HTC One Watch Rendered Again, With New Specs

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If you liked Hasan Kaymak’s HTC One M10 render, be ready for a new device from the same designer. This time it’s the mythical HTC One Watch, that’s shown in the shots below and also specced after the break.

htc one watch concept 2015 1

Seeing how HTC has just changed CEO and the HTC One M9 has overheating problems, it’s safe to say HTC is in a turmoil right now. Could a premium watch rescue them? Let’s see what the HTC One M10 is all about! The device features a metal body, with a circular format and pretty thin chassis. The strap somehow gives the vibe of denim combined with vinyl and maybe velcro a bit, but that’s only my opinion.

htc one watch concept 2015 2

Hasan Kaymak claims this HTC smartwatch features a 1.5 inch 720 x 720 pixel display, a Snapdragon 400 CPU, much like the Gear S from Samsung and WiFi connectivity. It also has NFC and Bluetooth, as well as a gigantic 1900 mAh battery. Usually smartwatches have batteries below 500 mAh, that’s why this one is huge. Android Wear with HTC Watch Faces and special apps are included here.

This is certainly better than HTC Grip, am I right? Don’t forget to donate to the designer by the way!

[via Hasan Kaymak]

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