Kiarash Kia Teases HTC One L Prime Phone With Narrow Design, 24 K Gold

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Designer Kiarash Kia has started teasing a new HTC One handset, the HTC One L Prime, that comes with a very narrow design. This model packs a 5.2 inch S-LCD Quad HD screen and it feels like an alternative to the HTC One M9+.

HTC One L Prime concept 1

This model relies on an octa core Snapdragon 818 processor, as well as a 16 megapixel back camera with autofocus and dual LED flash. There’s also a 5 MP front shooter, that doesn’t seem centered from what I can see. BoomSound is obviously here and the designer included some interesting materials here, such as leather, a special brushed silver and 24 Karat gold and ceramic.

The handset measures 6.3 mm in thickness and it’s very narrow compared to other new HTCs. This is just a teaser for Kiarash Kia’s LuX project, that will include more innovation soon. I wonder if this model is only gold colored or gold plated… I mean realistically speaking.

HTC One L Prime concept 2

[Thanks Kiarash Kia]

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