Huawei P11 Gets an iPhone X Notch, Becomes Huawei P11 X

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Somehow I’ve missed the recent rumors concerning the Huawei P11, saying that the device is about to get a notch. Not a notch on a black belt, but the cutout for a face scanner inspired by the iPhone X. Concept Creator took this task on and created the Huawei P11 X.

He also included the unlikely triple camera we’ve been hearing a lot about related to the Huawei P11. We’ve got 2 sensors with 10 MP res, hooking up to create a 20 MP picture, plus an extra 20 MP monochrome sensor. All of them have F/1.6 aperture like the Huawei Mate 10 Pro and capture a lot of light. There’s glass at the back and a very narrow glass panel upfront, but the notch is smaller than the one of the iPhone X.

The whole frame of the phone seems to somehow “surround it” like we’ve seen on the iPhone X and a few other devices. I’m loving the red version, but what I’m not loving is the flat and elongated volume and Power buttons, plus camera buttons which feel more at home on a lesser brand, like a Bluboo. I feel that it’s time to create buttons with more personality on phones, am I right?

[via Concept Creator]

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