Foldable Surface Phone Gets a Plausible Set of Renders

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You probably noticed that over the past weeks there was a bit of a resurgence of the Surface Phone, which started leaking in patents. Those patents actually made it seem more like a tablet, than a phone and they banked a lot on the possibility that it’ll be a foldable machine. Now designer David Breyer takes the patents and turns them into the renders you see below.

Available in Burgundy and Cobalt Blue, this feels like a Nintendo DS mixed with a Sony VAIO old school mini laptop. It’s supposed to run the mystery platform Andromeda and even works in a tent mode. Even a beefy Surface Pen made the cut and we see the phone both folded up and sitting nicely on the tablet and totally opened up and ready to be used as a tablet.

The hinge between the displays of the Surface Phone is minimalistic, basically invisible and won’t affect your experience. One of the most interesting aspects here is the mini screen on the side of the device, showing info like notifications and other such things. You see your emails, missed phone calls, weather and more, much like the curved edge of a Galaxy S Edge.

There’s also an USB Type-C port here and the whole thing is rather bulky, but also somehow appealing, because it doesn’t adhere to modern design norms. Odds of this becoming real? Rather small…

[via David Breyer/ mspoweruser]

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