i-mate Readies Hot Smartphone for Mobile World Congress 2009; Windows Mobile 6.5 On Board?

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Yeah, Acer is readying a smartphone with the aid of E-Ten technology, Asus is prepping its Eee Phone, while a bunch of Android handsets are probably getting their last bugs fixed right now… And all of these preparations are made for the big event, Mobile World Congress 2009, starting next month.

And don’t even get me started on HTC and their Windows Mobile + Nvidia Tegra devices…


Now i-mate is ready to join the game, since msmobiles is reporting that they will introduce a smartphone “like nothing else”. Since they’re quite keen on working with Microsoft, it might just be a Windows Mobile 6.5 handset and what you can see above is only a mockup done by Unwired View, their vision on how the i-mate smartphone will look like.

Will we be looking back at this mockup in two weeks time and feeling that it was accurate or will it be too awesome for words?

[via Unwired View]