MWC 2014: Kyocera Showcases Flexible Phone That Turns Into Bracelet

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With all those big brand companies debuting Galaxy S5 models and Nokia X units, it’s time to check out something more futuristic. Kyocera’s booth is the place to be at MWC 2014, since they’ve shown us exactly what we wanted: a handset that turns into a bracelet, a flexible one.

kyocera concept mwc 2014 1

They also had watches on show, as you can see in the picture below. The cellphone you see above has a facade that’s all display and no bezel and it’s also able to bend and become an activity tracker of sorts. Basically it turns into a fitness bracelet and tracks your heart rate from the wrist, something we’ve seen Huawei and Samsung doing at MWC.

kyocera concept mwc 2014 3

I remember that back in 2008 Nokia was showcasing a concept of this type, something called Morph, that even today remains a dream. Kyocera brings back that dream of a completely flexible and foldable phone, but it’s still a concept even today. The last piece showcased was the ear mounted futuristic wearable device, that wirelessly connects with nearby devices and includes health monitoring probably using those clearly visible little veins from your ears.

kyocera concept mwc 2014 2

kyocera concept mwc 2014 4

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