LG G4 Concept Envisioned Again, Made With SketchUp

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Dominik Gazdula has imagined the LG G4, a handset we’ve already seen rendered once or twice before and you can check it out below. This handset is shown with a very slim design and its basically a slab of metal with an edge to edge display.

LG G4 concept 1

This handset is expected to come around the time of Halloween 2014, according to the designer. He created it using SketchUp and worked for hours on it. This is the designer’s first ever SketchUp project, so be kind. It has a slight vibe of HTC, at the upper side. LG G4 features virtual Android buttons and it’s very slim, as you can see here. At the back we spot what seems to be a central camera, two side flashes or maybe laser autofocus mechanisms.

LG G4 concept 2

There are two flashes below the camera and the body is shown in black and white. The format is rectangular and pretty predictable, so to say. Still, this would be a change from the rounded and bulky LG G3 and the very rounded LG G2. Strangely, I can’t seem to spot back buttons, pretty much a trademark for LG flagships. Could they be on the side or completely given up on?

LG G4 concept 3

LG G4 concept 4

LG G4 concept 5

LG G4 concept 6

[Thanks Dominik Gazdula]

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