LG V30 Looks Good in Stunning White

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LG V30 is basically days away from being unveiled, so it’s obvious that leaks keep pouring in. The latest shows us the device in a sort of “stunning white” hue, courtesy of an Evan Blass leak.

This render is as good as it gets, quality-wise and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a press render. Somehow, the previous ones didn’t show the LG V30 in a flattering light, to be honest. There are great expectations about this device, starting from the fact it will inaugurate F/1.6 aperture among phones and also it’ll bring a Snapdragon 835 processor finally within LG’s lineup.

The wallpaper shown in this render is very Samsung-like and the narrow bezel screen is impressive. Predictable, but impressive. I can’t tell what the device’s back is made of here: could be glass, could be polycarbonate or metal. I find the way the handset’s bottom corner curve very interesting, supercar-like and look forward to read more into it once IFA 2017 starts.

So far so good!

[via Evan Blass]

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