If You Have a Lambo, This is the Phone for You

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I’ve just come across a smartphone that feels ideal for the owner of a supercar. It feels as if you combined a Lamborghini body with a HTC Vive somehow. This is the creation of Evan Huang, who bet big on a feature phone-ish approach here.

It packs quite a few buttons and provides an overdose of buttons, but the way it integrates them and the texture feels like the orifices of the HTC Vive. The handset feels glossy and it’s probably made of polycarbonate and metal. Not a big fan of flat keys, but people may still enjoy them. Another problem with the screws is that it may distract you when looking at the screen.

Now if you place some special sensors or other mechanisms in lieu of the screws, then you’re onto something. This feature phone would work, but I feel that it may end up integrating titanium and maybe a precious metal, plus be promoted to luxury phone…

[via Behance]

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