LG X8 Gets a Periscope Camera in Fresh Render From Gurpreet Singh

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While some trends we embraced as a fact, such as the notch, others we hope to see die soon. One of them is the periscope camera inaugurated by the Vivo NEX. I’m not a big fan of it, but here it pops up on an LG phone this time, the LG X8.

The creation is rendered by Gurpreet Singh, a pretty prolific Indian designer. Also, shoutout to our fans in India, since it seems we have a lot of them. The LG X series may well replace the G series, that doesn’t seem to catch the eye of the public anymore. The device here, the LG X8 feels more like an Oppo or Vivo rather than LG. It goes full screen totally, with zero visible bezel and also integrates the fingerprint scanner within the display.

There’s a dual back camera and a Power button that feels a tad too small. This may well be a huge phablet, judging by how small the dual back camera is compared to the back panel. While the pop up camera may seem stylish and sleek, plus a good idea, it’s also prone to breakage, getting torn off and other such problems. Imagine getting sand in its mechanism, or water or dust…

It’s also very important to find a proper way to activate it, so it won’t pop out by mistake in your pocket.

[via Gurpreet Singh]

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