Futuristic Flexible Windows Smartphone Has a Crystal Clear Body

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I can’t believe it that the following concept phone below is more than one year old. You can tell it’s that old, because it calls the OS on board Windows 9. Created by Kent Dechjun this model has a see through body and an extendable flexible screen.

Windows 9 smartphone flexible 1

This concept has a basic mode, that makes it look like a flip phone and an extended mode, that elongates the body. Interestingly the bottom part features a sort of rounded mechanism that helps a portion of the screen “roll over”. It remains to be seen if the crystal clear body is transparent all over or not. The designer claims that the smartphone is made of crystal clear high strength polymer.

Windows 9 smartphone flexible 2

This is also a durable material, not only a good looking one. I hope there’s a metal frame in the mix, otherwise this handset would be prone to a new Bendgate. I keep seeing flexible and transparent phones, but in real life, few device makers take such chances.

[via Coroflot]

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