iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Edge Get Massive New Renders From Mesut G Designs (Video)

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It’s not as if we weren’t getting weekly iPhone 7 concepts, now they’re daily! However, this one made by Mesut G Designs is quite good and interesting. The designer envisions the concept for both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Edge.

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Edge concept 1

Basically, both of the models would give up on the Home button and simply use a glass layer on the front, that extends to the sides and the bottom. The difference is that the iPhone 7 regular version would have a metal edge and the iPhone 7 Edge would opt for that curved glass edge portion. These concepts both rely on virtual Home buttons and feature what seem to be 3 massive speakers at the back.

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Edge concept 2

The cameras at the back are kind of small, but the whole design seems doable. Side buttons are now much thinner and smaller, which is something Apple must explore carefully, in order to keep them comfy. The earpiece and front cam are so small you almost can’t see them, so maybe hide them behind glass? I find that the UI is not very well fit to those screens in the renders.

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Edge concept 3

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Edge concept 4

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Edge concept 5

[via Mesut G Designs]

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