Jupiter is Both an Android Phone and a Vaporizer for Your Smoking Needs

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Vaping has become fashionable enough to deserve inclusion as a feature on smartphones. Turns out that a company called Vaporcade has come up with a smartphone that works as a vaporizer. The handset is dubbed Jupiter and it’s pictured below.

Vaporcade Jupiter vaping smartphone 1

We don’t have many details about this model, aside from the fact it runs Android 4.4 KitKat and it comes in 3G and LTE versions. It’s supposed to be the first smartphone that lets you vaporize and inhale. Interestingly, the product has yet to be approved by the FCC, so don’t get too excited. Preorders are being taken, but the approval is pending.

Vaporcade Jupiter vaping smartphone 2

The unlocked 4G LTE model is $499, while the 3G one goes for $299. This is a 5.3 inch handset, that has the vaping part at the top and you can easily attach a special “tube” like the one use by the girl below. I believe that’s what they also use on hookahs. Cool, right?

Vaporcade Jupiter vaping smartphone 3

Vaporcade Jupiter vaping smartphone 4

Vaporcade Jupiter vaping smartphone 5

[via Vaporcade]

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