Microsoft Band 2 Leaks in Fresh Renders, With Curved Design and Metallic Finish

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After so many Lumia concepts, everything will become clear on October 6th, when Microsoft has an event scheduled. They’ll also unveil the Microsoft Band 2 there, a device that has just leaked in renders below.


The device is codenamed “Envoy” and it’s shown here as a fitness band with a curved display and metallic finish. The sources of the leak claim that the device can measure the “height of an exercise”, plus it adds extra sensors compared to the first Band. Rumors also mention an optical heart rate sensor, an accelerometer, gyroscope, GPS, microphone and ambient light sensor.


The companion is expected to be compatible with iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices. Windows 10 for Internet of Things will be the platform of choice for the Band 2, but that’s still in rumor phase. To me this looks like a more bulked up Gear Fit, with more elegance.

[via windowscentral]

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