Microsoft Courier Mystery Tablet is Right in Apple’s Face

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Well, what do you know? Microsoft’s done it again! While everyone’s fretting for Apple’s upcoming tablet, Microsoft seemingly readying its own bundle of joy and this time it’s not even an iPhone rival we’re talking about. Microsoft Courier is a mystery tablet that gets pictured below and detailed after the break.


Turns out that Courier is real, although I wouldn’t bet my house on the fact that this isn’t a mere concept, soon to be denied by Microsoft. It’s a tad wrong to call this device a tablet, since it’s more of a booklet, packing dual 7 inch screens, with multitouch support and allowing the user to write, flick and draw with a stylus and his fingers.


The touchscreens are connected via a hinge that incorporates an iPhone-like Home button. At the back you can spot a 3 megapixel camera, with 4x zoom and flash, plus the device is able to charge thanks to an inductive pad, like the Palm Touchstone. Keep in mind that the hinge of the booklet can be used as a “pocket” to hold items that need to be moved from one page to another.

So, what do you say? Real or a concept?






[via Gizmodo]