Microsoft Lumia C90, C60 XL DS Gets Teased by Androgama JP

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It appears that the Microsoft Lumia concepts are very famous right now, so yet another designer tackles such a project head on. It’s Androgama JP, who is preparing the Microsoft Lumia C90 and C60 XL DS handsets, teased below.

teaser Lumia C90 & C60 XL DS

All we have are generic form factors for now and the designer promises that the Microsoft Lumia C series will bring large screens, very thin bezels and large battery capacity. Cortana is said to be at the core of the experience and the devices are also claimed to have a 64 bit octa core processor and probably a lot of RAM.

Judging from the mere placeholders and my gut feeling, these will be thick and heavy models, typical for Lumias. I’d be surprised if they’re not, in the end. Fingers crossed.

[via Androgama]

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