Lumia 850 Gets Totally Redone, With Pureview Optics, New Format

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Don’t worry, this is not yet another one of those Microsoft Lumia 850 concepts based on leaks, we’re dealing with a totally different handset here. Adriano Alfaro came up with a higher end package and a brand new design for this Lumia.


The handset is now more rounded and it’s aimed at the people feeling nostalgic about the Fabula Design. This is considered the “bigger brother” of the Lumia 880, a concept published in 2013 and made by the same designer. The Lumia 850 in Adriano’s vision comes with a wing section, that makes it bulkier on the right and slimmer o the left.


Asymmetry results and lets the camera area be integrated into the thicker part. The good news is that the camera doesn’t need to protrude anymore. The curve is very subtle, so you can’t feel a side of the phone is thicker than the other. This Lumia concept packs a 20 megapixel Pureview camera, with a Xenon and LED flash, all of them placed under a glossy ceramic strip.

On board we also find a Snapdragon 820 CPU, a 5 inch Full HD screen, 3 GB of RAM, 3000 mAh battery and a 5 MP front camera. Windows 10 Mobile is here with Continuum, Windows Hello and SensorCore. An USB Type C port rests at the bottom. Quite a beautiful design!



[via Adriano Alfaro]

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