Samsung Gear Leather Edition Concept Designed by JustChris (Video)

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Since everybody is pretty much preparing for the Galaxy S7, why not also envision the next Samsung Gear smartwatch? Well, Mesut G Designs and JustChris did and they came up with the Samsung Gear Leather Edition pictured after the break.

Samsung Gear Leather Edition concept Justchris 1

This looks more like a bracelet than a regular watch, since it comes with a rigid form factor and it’s totally circular. It has various patterns and as the name indicates, it’s covered in leather, possibly the same type of premium leather as the one from the LG G4. I can’t see Samsung doing this themselves, but rather partnering up with a fashion firm like D&G or Prada.

Samsung Gear Leather Edition concept Justchris 2

Also, leather can’t be the only material here, so maybe metal, plastic and silicone are in the mix as well. The heart rate sensors are more discrete now and there’s also something that seems to be a camera on the outer side of the belt. This concept smartwatch Samsung Gear Leather model is clearly slimmer than the current Samsung Gear units, which is always a good thing.

Samsung Gear Leather Edition concept Justchris 3

Samsung Gear Leather Edition concept Justchris 4

[via Mesut G Designs and JustChris]

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