Microsoft Lumia 850 Gets New Interchangeable Backs With Blue Leather, Concrete and Wood Texture

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It’s one thing to create a nifty phone concept based on leaks and another to start adding extra stuff to it. Microsoft has kept itself far from the customization scene, unlike Motorola or OnePlus for example, who are totally tweaking their handsets’ back covers. Well, how about a custom back cover for the Lumia 850?

Microsoft Lumia 8509 blue leather back cover

So, we’ve got the Lumia 850 adorned with blue leather, feeling rougher than the LG G4 and looking a bit like linoleum more than leather. Then comes the wood, looking excellent in my book and even hiding the protruding camera a bit and finally something new: concrete. I don’t know why anyone would want a handset with concrete lookalike back, but let’s say it’s also an unique approach.

Microsoft Lumia 850 wood back cover

With so many renders and leaks of the Lumia 850, it’s only a matter of time till it gets launched and probably disappoints people by not being what we expected. Which of these back covers do you prefer? By the way, they’re the creation of Phone Designer, aka Jonas Daehnert.

Microsoft Lumia 850 concrete back cover

[via Phone Designer]

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