Tough Smartwatch is an University Project With Focus on Social Networking Apparently

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Created by Deviantart user Undercurrent-32, the Tough Smartwatch is a smart timepiece that’s shown below and comes with an atypical design and a theoretical focus on social networking. More is available after the break.

tough smartwatch concept 1

First of all, I like the old school belt of the handset, like the ones “grandpa” wore while he was fighting one of the world wars or something. The edges here are not exactly pretty, but I have a feeling that this watch is extra resilient, taking into account its name. It’s a project for the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hannover, in case you’re wondering.

I bet that this smartwatch concept is very rugged and can take shocks, water dunking, scratches, extreme temperatures and radiation easily. The good news is that it doesn’t fall into the trap of copying the Casio G Shock.

[via Deviantart]

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