Microsoft Lumia Watch With Windows 10 Imagined by Armend Lleshi (Video)

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If you liked the excellent Lumia 940 XL concept phone rendered by Armend Lleshi, you’ll be happy to know that the designer is back at it with another great design. This time he imagined the Microsoft Lumia Watch with Windows 10.

Microsoft Lumia Watch Windows 10 concept 2

The device has a metallic body and all of features are detailed in the video below. Since this Windows 10 smartwatch is a bit larger than average, it includes a bigger display, which allows you to interact with the tiles just like on a Windows 10 phone. Cortana is included, as well as a pulse sensor and voice commands will be heavily used.

Microsoft Lumia Watch Windows 10 concept 1

Coming in black, gold and white, plus orange and blue, the Lumia Watch has 4 sensors at the back, shaped like the Windows logo. Their placement is a clear throwback to the Apple Watch too. This model also uses a 1.7 inch display with a 315 x 380 pixel resolution and its UI is heavily based on swiping and tiles. Fitness functionality and Nokia HERE are available here, plus the usual media controls.

I find it hard to believe that Microsoft doesn’t already have a project like this cooking up…

Microsoft Lumia Watch Windows 10 concept 3

[via Deviantart]

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