Lucas Silva Designs the iPhone 6s, With a 3D Sensor Included

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A recent rumor about the future iPhones says that Apple has found a way to offer both good connectivity and remove the plastic lines at the back of its iPhones. Apparently designer Lucas Silva took that into account when he designed the iPhone 6s below, since I don’t seem to see those lines.

iphone 6s concept lucas silva

However, we do see those upper and lower black areas, like on the iPhone 5, having the same role of antenna cutouts. This concept doesn’t stray from the usual rectangular format, with narrower edges and a slim waistline of 6.9 mm. The iPhone 6s is shown with the same Home button with Touch ID included, although rumors have said Apple may give up the Home button and integrate fingerprint scanning within the screen panel.

There’s an Apple A9 processor included here, according to the designer, plus a 12 megapixel back camera, a 5 MP front shooter, a 4.7 inch screen (probably Full HD) and a 2990 mAh battery. Finally, there’s 2 GB of RAM and a “3D sensor” as the creator of the concept calls it. I can’t quite figure out where it is and what it does, so feel free to speculate in the comments section.

[via Lucas Silva]

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