Microsoft Meteor and Google Gravity Are Prototype Phones That Seem Like Fatter Galaxy S Edge Models

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Remember Mr_vero’s Microsoft concept phone from yesterday? Inspired by that render, the same designer has created a Microsoft and Google prototype phone, starting from the same template. it feels like the “fat” version of a Galaxy S7 Edge, with maybe a touch extra roundness from the corners of the Huawei Nova Plus.


The Microsoft phone is called Meteor and the Google one is Gravity. The huge circular area below the square camera is that “all in one button”, serving as the Power button, Home button, replacement for volume buttons and fingerprint scanner. Having two big holes at the back of the phone is not exactly sexy and seeing how big they are, structurally it may weaken the device, I guess.


We seem to be getting a huge flash at the back, maybe a Xenon one, but we can’t guarantee that. The discrete Google or Microsoft logo placed at the bottom, below the screen looks sexy as hell. To me the nicest bit about these concepts is certainly the corner area (all 4 corners actually). The selfie camera integration is also pretty nifty.

Nothing to say about the software, unless the two phone are one and it’s a dual boot affair…

[Thanks Mr_vero]

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