Microsoft Smartwatch Concept Runs Windows Wear 8.1, Looks Pretty Solid

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After seeing the slightly underwhelming Apple Watch, I’d say that the battle for smartwatch market supremacy is still wide open, right? Well, Microsoft may as well take advantage of this void of power, especially if their smartwatch is as solid as the concept below. Enter, the Microsoft Smartwatch:


Designer Eric Huismann has come up with this product, that relies on something called Windows Wear 8.1, a special small screen version of Windows Phone. The Microsoft smartwatch is shown in a variety of colors and it features a front camera, used to take selfies. Notifications will obviously be available, as well as text messages and IM straight from the watch. You’ll also be able to call the people from this device, through a very simple interface.


The watch adopts a squared format and shows small live tiles, that will keep you posted regarding what’s happening around you. Some of the design lines and maybe the material may be borrowed from the Surface, so we may be dealing with a magnesium body here. We’ve got a 1.45 inch display and an advanced dual core processor inside. Skype is associated with the front camera and there will thousands of apps for the watch at launch.

Cortana is also included in the equation and it’s so much improved that it eliminates the need for a keyboard. Do you fancy the Microsoft Smartwatch?






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