Microsoft Surface Phone Gets Fresh, All White Render Made by HamXa Awan

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It’s been surprisingly long since a non Lumia Windows Phone concept has appeared on this site, aside from the usual Surface Phone devices, that pop up every once in a while. HamXa Awan has created a new Surface Phone model, that can be seen below.

Microsoft Surface Phone concept HamXa Awan 1

He doesn’t provide specs, so here comes the magic 8 ball guessing! The handset seems to be made of metal, it surprises through its all white body and the camera is also surprising because it’s not bulky. The facade has an iPhone-like vibe, with an edge to edge approach and most likely with an iris scanner thrown in with the selfie camera.

Microsoft Surface Phone concept HamXa Awan 2

The dual speakers at the back look OK, but maybe they’d serve the user better at the bottom, so they won’t be covered on a flat surface. Or even better we could have dual front speakers, especially since HTC lays no more claims in that area, since they’re not using this design on the HTC One A9.

Microsoft Surface Phone concept HamXa Awan 3

[Thanks HamXa Awan]

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