Shine Windows Phone 10 Concept Created by Jonas Kvale

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Jonas Kvale is a back and he’s becoming a household name recently, with many new designs over the past weeks. This time he designed a great Windows Phone 10 concept called Shine. I’d see this as a Lumia unit, or maybe a surprise Sony…

Shine Windows Phone 10 concept 1

Let’s stop speculating and let’s see what Jonas had to say about his design. So, he envisions this as a 5 inch smartphone with a bright metal construction and plastic and glass front side. There are tapered edges here and inside the phone there’s a quad core Intel Atom processor, new gen graphics and 2 GB of RAM. Obviously, the OS is Windows Phone 10 and we’ve got 64 GB of storage inside and a Quad HD screen.

Shine Windows Phone 10 concept 2

There’s also a lower end version of the phone, with 1 GB of RAM and a Full HD screen, plus 32 GB of storage. The battery here is a 28000 mAh unit and we’ve got an USB Type C port on the specs list as well. Fast charging is offered on the Shine phone, so with 15 minutes fo charging you can get 8 hours of battery life. The selling point is probably the camera, the 30 megapixel back unit with HD zoom and dual LED flash, as well as laser assisted focus.

The design feels a lot like a Lumia at the back and like an Xperia at the front. What do you think?

Shine Windows Phone 10 concept 3

Shine Windows Phone 10 concept 4

[via Behance]

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