Spinner Phone Concept With Rotating Camera Would Make a Perfect Lumia

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I missed Jonas Daehnert’s designs and now he’s back with a device that at first sight has a Nokia Lumia vibe. He didn’t brand it, instead calling this concept the Spinner Phone. The reason? It has a camera that spins, but a discrete one, not like the one of the Doov V1 or Oppo N1 (be sure to look them up!).

Spinner phone concept 2

This newcomer is a very compact phone, with a 4.7 inch diagonal and a 7 mm thick chassis. It’s made of aluminum and plastic and its camera module can be rotated, so it serves both the role or back camera and front camera. This is just phase one of the Spinner Phone, basically a teaser, with more to come later on. The top and bottom are clearly metallic, with a pronounced speaker grille at the top front.

Spinner phone concept 1

The sides have an interesting texture that seems to imitate rubber or leather and the handset seems to be pretty good looking. If you ask me, I’d go with an even crazier concept: make the metal top and bottom removable and modular. Or make this into a very nice new Lumia concept… Also, it’s very rare that we get to see a metal Windows Phone unit nowadays.

Spinner phone concept 3

[via Phone Designer]

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