LG G4 is a Curved phone With 4K Display

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Rishi Ramesh has a new LG G4 concept phone for us, this time a model that’s slightly curved and features a 4K display. LG has sacrificed this year’s flagship, just to be the first with a Quad HD screen on the market. So why not go 4K already?

LG G4 concept 1

The LG G4 concept shown here features a quad core Snapdragon 805 processor, clocked at 2.7 GHz, accompanied by 3 GB of RAM and there’s also 32 or 64 GB of storage inside and Android 5.0 Lollipop is the OS here. There’s a 16 megapixel back camera with OIS and laser sensor, plus dual tone flash. 4K capture is still in the mix and a 5 MP front camera with Full HD video capture is also here.

We’ve got a 3300 mAh battery inside and the display is a 5.7 incher. From what I can see the edges of the display are almost totally gone and the back physical buttons have become minimalistic. The case is wide, doesn’t seem metallic and its screen must certainly have an interesting aspect ratio judging by this format…

LG G4 concept 2

LG G4 concept 3

[via 20snet.com]

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