HTC Nexus 5 2014: What if…

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What if LG hadn’t designed the Nexus 5 last year? I say we would have lived just fine without it, only to wait for it now, as some sort of Nexus 6 Mini. Thus, we come across the HTC Nexus 5 2014, that was imagined by Nick Ludgate.

htc nexus 5 2014

This device starts priced at $299 and comes with a premium aluminum shell, a 13 megapixel camera with LED flash and a 5.2 inch Super LCD 2 display with Full HD resolution. There’s also a Snapdragon 805 processor inside, clocked at 2.7 GHz and BoomSound HD speakers upfront, while the OS is obviously Android 5.0 Lollipop. HTC Nexus 5 2014 has 3 GB of RAM, 32 or 64 GB of storage and a 3440 mAh battery.

The design of the front is typical for the HTC One series, while the back and profile look like a combo of the Nexus 5 and iPhone. I have to say that the HTC Nexus 5 concept seen from the profile is a bit too fat for my liking. What do you say about this model? It was created for people who think the Nexus 6 is too big for them.

[Thanks Nick]

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  • I love it and will buy it in a heartbeat over the Nexus 6. The 5.2″ screen size (1080p prefered) and compact form factor and 3440mAh battery will be strong selling points…will even go further and advocate for a 3900+mAh battery. I will take a little fatness/girth of about 10mm if it means a true all day battery with 12hrs onscreen time.
    That said HTC can go ahead and make this device…they don’t have to wait for Google to give them a nod cuz as we all know the next Nexus will not be released till late next year. I WILL STRESS AGAIN TO HTC….LAY OFF THE HUGE BEZELS AND EMBRACE HUGE BATTERIES.

  • twizzler

    That would be an awesome setup. Not sure why this wasn’t done.

  • patiently waiting

    I’d like a moto x 2014 with slightly better battery, slightly smaller case but same rez screen, stereo speakers, and a USB type c connector that any engineer with even half a brain would have delivered 20 years ago. Plus fries, a small coke, and a pony. To go.

  • Stephen Angelico

    There’s no way a Nexus phone will be released with Android 5.0 now, but that’s just nit-picking.
    I would love a phone like this, but it would be nice if it wasn’t terribly expensive, so I’d not try for a 3900mAh and go with the suggested 3440.
    It would be nice if I could get HTC Sense on that phone as an option (not by default, of course). Just as a launcher, though. No messing with the Settings page or notification menu, please.

  • Barnet

    You hit the nail square on. I would buy this designed phone immediately. It has everything I would want in a 5.2 inch screen.

  • shailesh

    I will definitely prefer it over nexus 6 .Currently i am nexus 5 user. I had terribly disappointed with current nexus 6 size. Htc nexus will definitely conquer the market if it arrives.