Windows 8 Watch Phone Is the Coolest Gadget Dick Tracy Could Have

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Although Mithun Darji, the creator of this watch phone concept says that this is a Windows 7 device, I tend to believe it’s either based on Windows Phone 7 or Windows 8, considering those tiles. It’s still a pretty cool device, that Dick Tracy would wear in a heartbeat. The wrist watch with phone functions can do many tasks, it integrates media playback keys, Bluetooth and WiFi.

It also integrates an earpiece, volume buttons and 4 shortcut keys at the bottom, that looks like call/end call keys, a button for the web browser and probably a Back button. I guess that there’s also a camera on board and at least 8GB of storage should be available on the watch phone. The designer says that the styling of the device is inspired by the retro-futurist trend and the Matrix movie, as far as form factor is concerned. I’ve always thought that the tiles from Windows Phone would be great on a watch, considering they can take up a small space and still be easy to use.

After all, this will be the idea behind the future generations of low end Windows Phone models, that Windows Phone Tango will support with 320 x 240 pixel resolutions, according to rumors, plus QWERTY keyboards. I’d see Windows Phone running on a watch, especially since it only requires a small resolution , a mere 1GHz CPU and only 512MB of RAM. Also, the price will be decent if someone like Huawei or LG makes it…

[via Coroflot]

  • plethora

    The newly announced Sony SmartWatch “MIGHT” be something that the geeks would wear, but based on it’s form factor, I predict it will fail big time. You still need a headset to actually conduct a conversation with it.

    Now this so called Dick Tracy watch is even worse in form and way too stylistic to be taken seriously by anyone over 10 years old. It also goes against the grain of the emerging standard for fewer physical (dedicated) buttons.

    Someone has yet to come up with a feasible form factor for a wrist device. I’ve been beating myself over the head trying to even imagine what such a device would look like. The projection technology is probably the least intrusive AFTER they manage to make it into an inconspicuous device (which hasn’t happened yet) but I’m hopeful.

    Implant technology is also a possibility but I think the general population still has a revulsion to anything that smacks of Borg and then there’s the whole upgrade dilemma.

  • Frankie

    Guess you have never Googled watch phones before, there are hundreds out on the market just not in the USA.

  • roy

    where i can buy dis phone?

  • Anon

    Take the same thing with the blutooth earpiece turn it into a cam and there ya go, future of tlkn to ppl

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  • thennarasu

    i need this phone …

  • rajiv

    Where I can find this watch phone? Can I get full informations of this phone? Even price too?

  • Choong jun fu

    Where I can buy this window 8 wacth phone

  • Brian

    Where can i purchase one of these android watch phones

  • Tyler

    This is the future. I want it. 5 star design and they have time to make the software 5star caliber as well.

  • abhinesh singh

    i want to buy this watch tell me the price and model no of this watch phone

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