Windows 9 Concept Imagined by Peter Water, Based on Scalability

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Peter Waters has shown us a very interesting Windows 9 concept, one that’s based on the original idea that Microsoft started with: a scalable UI. The thing is that you should be able to run the same OS on 27 inch screens and 4 inch screens.

Windows 9 concept 1

Windows 9 is supposed to receive a demo or small presentation this year at BUILD 2014 in April, but before that happens, we’ve got these renders. Peter looked at the competition, like Android and OS X and found that Microsoft needs to get rid of the traditional approach. He imagines a status and notification bar at the top, with the former offering a way to check info when in full screen apps.

Windows 9 concept 2

The taskbar at the bottom has also been changed and now there’s a permanent taskbar at the bottom of the display, allowing for the fastest multitasking ever. The designer included a Voice Assistant button in the right hand corner, making the activation of the Cortana system easier. As far as the desktop goes, Peter found a solution in the Google Now area and imagined a contextual engine that discretely offers relevant info.

Windows 9 concept 3

This system is only a swipe away from the start screen, just like Google Now. Finally, in Windows 9 all the apps can be used in a windowed mode simply by tapping a window icon. Another change, a smaller one is the one regarding tiles, that are now transparent. The homescreen has been divided into pages starting from the app page and they can all be customized or auto generated.

Windows 9 concept 4

Windows 9 concept

[Thanks Peter Travers]

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