I’m Excited! Motorola Teases Moto X, Designed by You and Assembled in USA

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It’s rare that we publish something other than concepts here, but this is certainly worth a scoop. Motorola just teased its upcoming Moto X smartphone with the ad below, claiming that the upcoming Google X Phone is “designed by you and assembled in the USA”.


Nowadays most things are assembled in China, so seeing a product assembled in USA is certainly interesting. Google was bragging about the Nexus Q, saying it was built in the States, if I remember well, but that product never made it to the shops. This ad here will run in the papers this week and the smartphone will arrive this summer.

Moto X is supposed to be highly customizable, offering a large variety of case colors and possibly more options to customize. It could be that Motorola took their “prediction” system from Droid RAZR, you know the one that allowed you to trigger preset actions at certain locations and time of day and evolved it into something new. What do you think?


[via Droid Life]