What do You Think About the Moto X Design?

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The Motorola Moto X phone is almost here, since its launch is supposed to go down on August 1st. However, we’ve already seen how it looks, courtesy of some leaks, like the ones shown below. Since we’re a site focused on design, let’s discuss what this model offers.

moto x white

So, first of all the back side has a strong vibe of Motorola to it, in line with the RAZR series and with a pretty big camera lens and what I consider to be an ugly looking Motorola logo. The speaker and its puncture holes makes the device look cheap. Nothing unusual about the buttons on the side, although I’d be more comfortable with an On/Off button at the top or on the left side, not the right.

moto x black

Sadly, the rumors about an edge to edge screen were wrong and the front side design is rather dull. Frankly speaking, the sides of the Moto X are too elevated and the upper bezel is too big, if you ask me. Also, the profile pic points towards a “fat” phone. Are you really excited about such a not so good looking phone? I’m waiting for your answers!

moto x profile

[via evleaks]