Motorola Digital Butler Concept Is Also a Phone, GPS, 4G Device

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It took 3 designers to come up with a beauty like this! Motorola Digital Butler is the ideal tool, if you’re a famous socialite, who can’t tell from a day at “work” and a party filled with celebrities. The device is your unique tools for keeping in contact with friends, planning your entire life and ordering everything, from plane tickets to lunch.


The Motorola Digital Butler concept was created by Matthew Spencer, Adam Heslop and Simon Drewery and the device works on 4G networks, packs GPS and features a circular touchscreen interface. There’s also an accelerometer on board and this device is a PDA phone among many others. Believe it or not, the Motorola gizmo even packs a full resolution multimedia LED projector…

Social networking is a default feature of the device, one that connects the user with his/her classy friends, while they getting ready to tear down the clubs in Beverly Hills… Dreamy life, dreamy gadget, right?





[via Yanko Design]