Motorola Motofashion X3 Fashion Phone Concept, Ergonomically Bad

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Does anyone want to reinvent the flip phone? Ravefolk, Motorolafans forums user claims that he does and shows the world his creation: Motofashion X3, the start of a new series of fashion phones, as the designer claims. The Linux-based handset is a weird combination between original design and mid-range features, but its ergonomics are pretty bad for a


Well, for starters, the screen is too small and the keypad is very uncomfortable to use, not to mention the whole flip phone mechanism that’s pretty much useless, since you can use 90% of the phone’s features right away, without flipping it open. Here’s the list of Motofashion X3’s features anyway:

– OLED high-def display, 262k colours, 220 x 768 pixels resolution
– 2.0 megapixel camera with macro, 8x zoom and flash
– video recording in MP4 format
– Mototunes media player
– FM Stereo Radio with RDS
– Picsel document viewer
– Bluetooth 1.2 with AD2P
– Flight mode
– Linux-based UI with Flash-based interface
– 7 direct shortcuts via numeric buttons

[via Motorolafans]