Motorola Nest Phone Design Becomes Real

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Yes, you should take the info with a huge grain of salt, but it seems that Kelly Bremer’s Motorola Nest Phone concept has become real… or it got cloned by some Chinese manufacturer. The images at the end of the article look pretty real to me, which may be an indication of the fact that Moto might have leaked them after all…


Apparently, the real device lost some elements from the original concept, like the OLED screen, or the Makroblend plastic body. We can see that the handset’s back screen looks like the one on the first design, but we haven’t figured out if we’re dealing with a mirror finish display or reflective plastic.

My gut feeling tells me that this is knockoff or Asian clone of the concept. Does it look real to you?





  • Kelly Bremer

    I am the designer of the Nest concept phone. Let me clarify this. The phone is NOT GOING INTO PRODUCTION by Motorola. The first two images on the page are digital models of my STUDENT CONCEPT (of which I gave no permission to publish on 99% of the sites they are on). The last two of the actual model are not of my own. I do not know who started this hoax but I have been in indirect contact with Motorola through my college and I assure you they have no intention of pushing this through.