12 Tech Jobs That Don’t Yet Exist

Technology development sets the pace for significant changes in the labor market. Jobs that were at their peak of popularity 5 years ago are rapidly losing their importance today. At the same time, we are facing the advent of the era of robots when artificial intelligence supersedes most of the common professions. 

Some professions just gain new features or undergo a name change. Indeed, people who would have been considered writers many years ago are now called content managers or bloggers.

New professions appear almost every day in the world. For example, 10 years ago no one was able to explain who an SMM or target advertising specialist is. Yet now the demand for these workers is growing. Moreover, 60% of the best jobs of the next decade haven’t even been invented yet.

Of course, it is difficult to make any predictions when there is no confidence even about tomorrow. Even so, here is an approximate picture of the jobs that do not yet exist but are worth paying attention to.

  1. Drone Dispatcher

There are predictions that soon drones will become a huge part of our life. These robots will deliver food, water, and pizza, clean up debris and wastewater, check traffic jams and pollution, and replace batteries in our homes. The “drone invasion” will lead to an increase in demand for skilled operators.

  1. Holographic Teleportation Specialist

Microsoft has already started to work on developing a device able to transmit holographic projections of people. Just imagine your friend sitting next to you on the couch while talking with him on the phone!

This technology will be useful in case there is a need to create the illusion of presence. Say, for example, you are not able to attend a business meeting due to some unforeseen circumstances. Then use holographic teleportation in order not to miss anything important. 

Note that holographic teleportation has nothing to do with time travel everyone is so passionate about. Yet it can be a step forward to the elaborating of this technology. Maybe one day we will be able to drink a cup of coffee with the famous artists, musicians or poets of the previous centuries.

  1. Emotion Designer

Have you ever been influenced by an advertisement just because it contained a picture of a cat or other pretty creatures? This technology of influencing the decision of users will gain popularity in the future. Thus, the job of professional designers of emotions will become very prospective.

So, the designer of emotions will create and transform content to evoke a certain emotional attitude. Such occupation will require not only perseverance, attentiveness, and maximum involvement, but also brilliant knowledge of psychology. 

  1. Human-Technology Integration Specialist

Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) is the studying, projecting, and designing of interactions between humans (users) and computers. The study of this field began in the 1980s. It was the first step towards neuromorphic computing that is now at the peak of its development. 

Human-technology integration specialists will be responsible for combining technological elements with biological features creating hybrid systems. Apart from that, they will build high-performing teams consisting of both humans and robots. The relationships between people and their artificial “substitutes” are not always simple. So the integration specialist will be there to find ways of connecting them with each other.  

Taken from: https://unsplash.com/

  1. Digital Death Manager

This job seems to be creepy, doesn’t it? Yet, there is nothing very scary about digital death managers, people responsible for managing the pages of the deceased. These specialists will create, control or “freeze” the social media pages of a dead person.

  1. Virtual World Designer

Pay attention to this profession if you loved playing Sims or similar games in your childhood! 

A virtual reality designer creates not only graphic representations of the landscape but also laws of nature and society, rules of social interaction and economics, sensations, and the social world. Apart from that, such specialists will be responsible for the accurate digitization of existing spots. Thus, we will be able to visit any place without exiting a house.

  1. Virtual Reality Journey Builder

This job is connected to the previously described one. Yet it has more to do with marketing and creating a positive user experience. VR journey is seen as an opportunity to immerse yourself in the simulation of real-life circumstances while staying at home.

This will allow people to purchase goods more effectively or get acquainted with different services before ordering them. For example, you will be able to look at the apartment before booking it or even visit a country before buying plane tickets.

Taken from: https://unsplash.com/

  1. Neural Interface Designer

This narrow field will need experts for developing and creating the interfaces used to manage information systems (computers, smart homes, gadgets, etc.) using nerve impulses of the human brain.

Just imagine that with this technology we will be able to control a computer, equipment, or robots using only our thoughts.

  1. IT-Preacher

At first glance, the name of this job sounds weird. But it has nothing in common with religion as you may have thought. IT- preacher is a representative of the IT industry, whose task is to promote an understanding of the necessity to install information technologies in all spheres of users’ lives.

  1. Gamifier

The job of a gamifier is seen as a kind of art that combines analytical methods with pure creativity. The goal of the gamifier will be the application of game-specific approaches to the usual processes to simplify our lives. With the help of games, it is possible to quickly train many specialists in almost all areas of occupation.

  1. Digital Waste Recycler

It is no secret that data loses its relevance over time. Thus, digital waste recyclers will be in high demand in order to free up terabytes on hard drives.

  1. Digital Addiction Relief Consultant

With such a robotized world people will probably experience some mental problems and thus face the need to consult with a specialist. A digital addiction relief consultant is an advisor that helps people get rid of addiction to various gadgets by creating individual programs of treatment.


Having considered the predictions about possible future jobs, you can start thinking about your career path right now. Of course, this forecast is approximate, as human thinking goes beyond any existing or expected professions. However, there is no doubt that in the following years the development of technology will significantly transform the IT labor market.

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