iPhone Flip Concept Render Shows us the First Foldable Phone… With a Notch

I’m sure you’ve seen the latest iPhone leak, involving an iPhone 13 appearing in the Apple TV+ show Ted Lasso. The iPhone 13 shown there had no notch, which is shocking, since the screen protection leaked this year did show a notch, albeit a smaller one. And now we have a new foldable iPhone dropped on us, courtesy of ConceptsiPhone… with a notch.

The new iPhone Flip shown here is at its core a regular iPhone, only able to fold down the middle. It’s slimmer than usual, uses a lot of metal and keeps the square camera and “Marion section tube” camera lenses. The placement of the Apple logo looks a bit odd so close to the hinge. The notch is smaller than the current one, or better said narrower. We also get what appears to be a Touch ID sensor within the screen.

I love how the device closes in a flush manner, unlike the Galaxy Z Fold 3, but that’s a different format. We also get to see a demo of wireless charging, with the iPhone Flip quite far from the plug, emitting power via wireless, which is something that companies like Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, Huawei have been working on. We also get to see dual screen app scenarios, like the videocall apps used to chat on the bottom part of the screen and see the person you’re calling on the top one.

The iPhone Flip shown here is rendered in red, gold, beige and more hues. There’s an Apple M1 processor inside and the Lightning port lives to fight another day, even though a full wireless transition should be coming.

via ConceptsiPhone

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