4 Helpful Tools That Your Business Should Start Using

When running your own business, there’s a constant need to advance and stay updated on the latest in the business world. There’s also the fact that the tasks and responsibilities you have to juggle as a business owner will keep increasing relative to the growth of your business. That’s why using the right combination of tools and software could be the determining factor for making or breaking a business’s road to success. If you’re still about to take this step, trying to find the right tools will make your life much easier. Here are some of the helpful tools that your business should start using.

1. Meetings & Communication Tools

After the outbreak of COVID-19, all businesses shifted to operating remotely from home to keep the work going as efficiently as possible while maintaining safety. However, this entails that the option of scheduling a 2 pm meeting in the conference room or popping into someone’s office to deliver a message is no longer on the table. That’s why businesses have opted to utilize a variety of online meeting and communication tools to better facilitate the workflow of working remotely. Even if you’re operating from the office, these tools can still be extremely helpful and efficient.

Examples Of Meetings & Communication Tools

To get a sense of the tools you need to have in your business, we’ll give you a preview of a few basics you can start your search off with. Zoom leads the way for scheduling meetings, being the most popular and efficient app, it can host up to 25 people and makes sharing files on call easy. Google Meet is another option for meetings, allowing up to 100 participants, and it’s right there in your G-suite. As for general communication tools in the workplace, Slack proved to be the most ideal with its easy chat interface that can be organized differently for each context, ability to conduct voice and video calls, and share all kinds of files. 

2. Finance Tools

As your company continues to grow and bring in more revenue and employees, you’ll inevitably notice that the financial side of the business is becoming heftier and more complex as well. Since this is an integral aspect of the business, you don’t want to leave any room for mistakes or miscalculations. You’ll also want to stay up to date with how much your business is earning, the expenses needed to make necessary adjustments to your business plan, as well as general short and long-term business goals.

Examples of Finance Tools

Finance and accounting tools can go a long way in organizing your business finances, so we’ll give you a few recommendations to consider. Using a paystub creator to handle your employees’ wages and manage your taxes and bank loans will save a lot of time and mental energy. You can also say goodbye to the annoying pile of receipts with a tool like Freshbooks which automates invoices and tracks expenses as well as forms detailed financial reports to keep you in the loop. Quickbooks is equally efficient, allowing online banking activities, invoicing, and more.

3. Security Tools

One of the most important tools every business should have protects their data and privacy from hackers and any kind of malware attack or spam. This is particularly important for businesses that have access to their customer’s sensitive information; client or identity information can completely ruin your business reputation if not properly protected. Cybersecurity is something that should be prioritized and you need to put in the effort to find all the tools that can enhance it. These tools need to be installed, used by every employee in the business, and updated or maintained by an IT department whenever needed.

Examples of Business Security Tools

This might seem like a given, but you can’t go about your business without installing the core cybersecurity tool, Firewall. It will prevent any unauthorized access to your data and system as well as monitor connection attempts and network traffic. You should also have trusted antivirus software installed on all devices in your company; something Like Avast antivirus would do just fine. Consider also using PKI Services, which implements several security services like access control through multi-factor authentication and encrypting email communications.

4. Project Management Tools

Another thing that will grow as your business flourishes is the amount and size of projects and tasks you will be handling. This means that the days of winging it, scribbling things on the agenda, or making quick to-do lists are over as they will simply no longer be effective. You should always look for ways to advance how you approach and manage projects to reach maximum efficiency and accuracy. This can only happen with project management tools that will not only keep things organized but will aid you in allocating resources and manage your employees. They can also help in communication between teams as well as organize documents and scheduling.

Examples of Project Management Tools

Now that you know all the perks of project management tools and how they can maximize productivity, we’ll let you in on a few tools you can use. Asana is a great tool to start with, especially for small businesses; it boasts features like the organization of projects according to several views, be it calendar view, list view, or board view. Its attractive interface and accessibility make it one of the most popular and used tools for businesses. Trello is a similarly popular choice with cards, lists, and boards that can be organized as you please. It also has features for content strategizing, budgeting, and product planning. Finally, Mavenlink would also be an excellent choice for project management since it features extra services like resource management, time tracking, and accounting.

There you have it, these are the main tools that will be extremely helpful as you are running your business towards success. You need to periodically and determine what your business needs are to find the tools that can make them much easier and faster to fulfill. The best thing about most of these tools is that they are completely free so you can take them for a test run to see which of them work best for you before you decide to level up and invest in premium versions to get all the perks they have to offer.

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