How Proxy Networks make Web Scraping Scalable

Data mining and website scraping have become aspects of the marketing industry. Being able to scrape websites for information and data at a fast and efficient speed is essential to be successful in this field of work.  

One way to step up your scraping game is to use residential proxy networks. Proxy providers have networks located all over the globe, allowing you to bypass regional content restrictions. This can be very helpful to casual internet users as well.  

Proxy Networks vs. Proxy Servers

Proxy networks are made up of multiple proxy servers. So if you are taking on a large scraping project, using a network of multiple servers is better than using just one. With a proxy network, you can create a pool of IP addresses as large as you need.

Scrapers are often bottle-necked by proxy servers because one server cannot process enough requests needed for efficient scraping. So having an entire network of proxies allows you to scale up your scraping capacity.  

Benefits Of Using Proxy Networks For Web Scraping

Proxy networks are extremely useful for web scraping because they can handle amounts of scraping. Using a proxy network with a large pool of IP addresses and unlimited concurrent threads makes scraping scalable.

Increased scraping speed

All of the most successful web scrapers actively look for ways to increase their scraping speed. Using a proxy network can help speed up your scraping endeavors. Having a pool of proxies means you can rotate the IP addresses. 

Rotating multiple IPs lets your scraper run more requests simultaneously, increasing your scraping speed. Not only do proxy networks provide scalability, but there are also security benefits as well.

Outsmart rate limiting software

Big websites have rate limiting software that detects when there is a questionable amount of requests in a short amount of time and is being made by one IP address. Websites use this software to prevent automated access from scrapers or security threats. 

The best way to outsmart rate limiting software is to use proxy networks with large IP pools. Since proxy networks use multiple IP addresses, rate limiting software often does not flag this activity as suspicious.  

Proxies defend against IP blocking and cloaking

The number one danger that scrapers face is the anti-scraping tactics that websites use. IP blocking and IP cloaking are some anti-scraping techniques that are very harmful to scrapers.

IP cloaking can be more harmful than IP blocking. IP blocking is when a website blocks your IP address preventing you from connecting to the site and scraping any data. Cloaking does not prevent you from connecting to the site and allows you to scrape data. But the information you mined is not accurate, causing it to be useless. Cloaking is so dangerous because it can happen without you even knowing.

Using proxy networks for web scraping can defend you against these harmful anti-scraping traps. The best kind of proxy network for this purpose is a residential proxy network. Residential proxies are immune to IP blocking because they do not share a subnetwork. 

Ensure your anonymity

Being anonymous on the internet is the best way to protect your private information. Many casual web surfers use proxies for this reason alone. Scrapers can also benefit from the anonymity that proxy servers and networks provide. 

Successful scrapers defend themselves by staying anonymous while web scraping. Since proxies have their unique IP address, your computer’s IP is disused by the proxies, ensuring your anonymity. Staying anonymous can also help prevent your IP from getting blocked by a website.


Being able to up-scale your scraping capabilities is essential for long-term success in this field. The best way to implement scalability to scraping is to use proxy networks with large IP address pools. Rotating IP address pools allows for more connection requests in a shorter amount of time, ultimately increasing your scraping speed. 

Not only can proxy networks increase scraping speed, but they also help protect against IP blocking and cloaking while also preserving your anonymity on the internet. Overall, any web scraper looking to scale their scraping speed, capacity, and security should seriously consider proxy networks.

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