How to Build the Perfect Sports TV Den

The Super Bowl may already be a distant memory – and March Madness is now over for another year. But there are always plenty of big sporting events going on and if you can’t make it to the game yourself, the next best way to watch them is with friends and family in the comfort of your own home.

But you don’t want to make do with your usual living room for this kind of occasion. You should be building the perfect sports TV den, so everyone can enjoy the game in the most affordable way possible. The California sports betting sites might have taken a hit when the Rams won Super Bowl LVI, but you can create the ideal watching environment for relatively little. Read on to find out how.

Big Screen Needed

This is the one thing that you cannot escape spending money on when it comes to creating the perfect room for watching sports. Big events need a big TV. If you are wondering how big the TV needs to be, the answer is probably as big as you can manage.

The TV will be the focal point of the room and it will not matter how good the rest of the den is if you get this part wrong. Surround sound is important as well, so if you are budgeting to create this sports watching utopia make sure that the bulk of the cost goes here.

Utilize Space

Now that you have spent most of your money on the TV, you will need to work out how to kit out the rest of the room with little outlay. Using your space well can make or break the success of your room and you need to know what is – and what isn’t – needed.

You may well be happy watching sports on your own, but the main point here is that you can invite friends and family around as well. Make sure there is enough furniture for everyone to sit and to put food and drinks on. But ensure that nothing is in the way of the TV – you will not be popular if you forget that!

Comfort is King

We have just mentioned that you need to ensure that there is enough seating for a group event. But it is just as important that your guests are comfortable. The Super Bowl as a game takes around three hours to play – but you will be in this room for much longer before and after the show.

There is no need for the latest trends and fashions in home furnishings here. The most comfortable and affordable sofa is a must – and there should be some other chairs and seats that people will be happy spending some time in. A standard table will also be required for resting food and drinks on.

Figure 2 A comfortable sofa is an absolute must

Food is Drink is Just as Important as Sports

That may be a bold claim, but if you have invited a group of family and/or friends over to watch the big game, you will need to provide some kind of snack and beverage offering too. Simple food and drinks are fine but they should all be within easy reaching distance.

A cooler is another must here, as people won’t want to have to miss the action just to get a drink. But you can easily make a simple cupboard or box to house the cooler and double up as a tabletop. This should then be situated near the main sofa for ease of use.

Finishing Touches

This is where you can really go to town if you want. Team colors and flags will brighten up the space – and you could really put in the effort by painting those colors onto the walls.

There is remarkably little hard work needed to create a perfect sports watching environment in the end. Just make sure you’ve followed our handy tips.

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