Is the Apple Laptop better than Samsung for Education?

The scientific and technological revolution has reached such a peak of development when a significant amount of work is performed for us by technology, and we can no longer imagine our existence without it. Yes, in the civilized world it is difficult to find a person who does not know how to use at least a mobile phone. Undoubtedly, progress does not stand still, absorbing more and more usable space. Therefore, today the market has a huge selection of products from dozens of world-famous corporations, including Apple, Samsung, LG Electronics, Philips, Dell, and others.

Finding Pros and Cons

For full-fledged education, it is necessary to provide the student with everything necessary. In particular, it is about the availability of the Internet and appropriate computer equipment for online communication with the teacher and homework. Laptops or tablets are the best options for distance learning. They are chosen because of their compactness, relative lightness, high productivity, and the necessary autonomy.

The “heart” of any laptop is a processor, and there are only two real options: Intel and AMD. You can find inexpensive solutions for a working laptop from each manufacturer. The criteria are as follows:

  • work in text editors, Internet surfing – suitable 2-core processor type Celeron N3350;
  • for greater performance, we can recommend 4-core Pentium N3710 processors, which will pull a lot of old “toys”;
  • laptops with Core i3 or Ryzen 5 2500U processors are suitable for comfortable work in most of the programs required by high school students. 

Apple laptops are expensive and you have to make the difficult choice to choose the right one. In 2020, APPLE’s MacBook entered a new era. The company announced the abandonment of Intel chips, which it has been using since 2006, and released the first Mac with an Apple M1 processor. In 2021, the company added two more chips to the line – M1 Pro and M1 Max – both of which are used in the latest MacBook Pro. So writing an essay or academic work will b easier on a good laptop, consider IHateWriting to help you with studying. They make laptops more powerful and more energy-efficient, which means a significant increase in productivity and battery life. In addition, you get other benefits, such as the ability to run mobile applications originally created for iOS. However, choosing a MacBook is now more difficult.

Samsung has created a range of laptops to satisfy the largest number of users. Each of them has a variety of models to further refine the choice, and everyone can be satisfied with the purchase. The Samsung brand is known for its quality and innovation in other areas, and this extends to laptops as well. You can get a great product and get a guarantee from a company like this also shop used college laptop for good prices. In addition, being a popular brand, you also guarantee compatibility with many accessories, access to spare parts, etc. On the other hand, these computers are not only equipped with Samsung screen panels, which are among the best on the market along with LG but also include other advanced technologies developed by this company, including the best SSDs on the market and hardware.

Best Solution Is For You

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The South Korean brand Samsung has managed to position itself as one of the undisputed technology leaders, along with such giants as Apple. This multinational company manages to bring quality and innovation to all of its products, such as laptops. So if you are looking for a good team and are a fan of this brand, you can be sure that you will not go wrong with the purchase. Before choosing a laptop, you should decide where to use it. Critical parameters: size, weight, screen diagonal. If you plan to carry the gadget with you to study or to friends, you should prefer light and compact options with a diagonal of no more than 15.6 inches and weighing up to 2 kg. For training only at home, you can consider heavier options with a diagonal of 17 inches.


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