Modular Tablet/Laptop Hybrid Feels Something Lenovo Would Do

We’ve seen Lenovo cracking the market of flexible tablet/laptops and now we wonder what’s next. They may well adopt the design you see below in concept form, a tablet/laptop hybrid, that adopts modularity. It also feels like a throwback to the experimental ASUS days of the Transformer tablet series.

From what I can see this device seems geared towards DJs and creatives. Charley Bircumshaw is the designer behind and he envisioned a modular hybrid of a laptop-tablet, that makes creatives more inspired and gives them a poper outlet. There are bespoke hinges on the tablet, which change its purpose, structure and facade. So, aside from attaching a keyboard, you can attach a sampler or mixer, another tablet and more modules. The core components of the yet unnamed device are two fullscreen tablets, a music module, a computer keyboard and some bespoke hinges, as well as electric grooves.

The modules will click into one another, like chargers on phone ports and they’ll transfer energy from one component to the next. The design is minimalistic, perhaps spartan even, angular and medium sized (thickness wise). The core of this idea is making the hinges and attachments last for a long time, since you’ll constantly expose them to friction when attaching or detaching modules. The result looks rather elegant and features a large touchpad and a ton of DJ controls on the dedicated accessory.

All this needs is a Kickstarter and the endorsment of a DJ like Marshmello or David Guetta.

via Yanko Design/ Charley Bircumshaw

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