OnePlus 5 Concept Finalized by Designer Who Teased It (Video)

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Remember the OnePlus 4 teaser/trailer from a few days ago? Well it’s been turned into a nice concept below, a pretty detailed one too. Concept Creator is behind this piece of work, that managed to gather 60k views in just 3 days. One tidbit to mention here: the OnePlus 4 is actually a OnePlus 5 in this case.

The smartphone has a well crafted metal edge, a dual back camera and a bezel-less 5.5 inch screen. Powerful dual speakers have been included, plus a ridged button. A beautiful notification light has been included in the upper speaker and the dual camera involves a 16 MP and 12 MP sensor, with a dual LED flash between the sensors. The Candy Red version is possibly the best rendering of this Oneplus 5.

There’s Android 7.0 Nougat on board, 6 GB of DDR4 RAM, a Snapdragon 835 CPU and 8 MP selfie camera. All of them are doable specs and I dare say that some will upstaged by the real OnePlus 4/5. There’s also 64 or 128 GB of storage here, a 4000 mAh battery and a 5.5 inch 2K display. The case seems to be made of metal, although ceramic would also be nice to see.

Lovely Candy Red!

[via Concept Creator]

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