Six Apps that every student needs on their smartphone

Once in a while, you might have heard your teachers, parents, or friends making comments and criticizing how smartphones are a significant source of distraction, especially among the students. If you spare some time to think about the remarks, you will agree that these gadgets are very distractive. However, it is imperative never to forget that in the current generation, technology has made student`s life less complicated. There is an application for almost everything, making it easier, less costly, and more enjoyable to be a student. Besides the mobile Apps, there is various software such as the thesis statement generator, which students can write quality thesis statements for their academic papers. The recent advancement in technology has created learning opportunities for learners to understand better concepts that appeared complicated in the past. 

Students spent too much time inside the libraries completing their research papers and thesis statements in the past. However, the evolution of technology and the introduction of smartphones have made information to be just a couple of taps away. Whether you would like to learn the basics of advertisements and marketing or solve complicated equations, students access information on anything using their phones. Currently, there is a significant demand for applications that aid students in completing their projects and assignments. Whether a student needs help with managing their time, concentrating on their studies, taking lecture notes, budgeting their finances, or making new friends, there is a wide range of applications that could aid students in achieving their desired goals. This article will discuss applications that every student needs to have on their smartphone. 

The RefMe

The application is best for writing and reading. There is no doubt that some students hate the entire process involved in referencing their academic work. Most students affirm that referencing is always a long, tiresome, and time-consuming work, more so if an individual fails to keep track of the resources and books that they have been using all the way. This application makes the entire process of identifying and citing research materials less complicated, more efficient, and more time-saving. It is essential to note that the app can offer you an exciting experience to begin your academic work and perform in-depth research for your academic papers when it comes to the new students. 

The Office Lens

Most students dislike the entire essay writing and notes taking process. If you are among such scholars, you might consider utilizing this application. Most students affirm that there were occasions where after flipping the next few pages of their notebooks, they realized that they could not read their handwriting. The good thing is that gone are the days when students have to struggle with their lousy handwriting to complete their research papers. The Office Lens is an application designed to help students with taking notes. The app has a feature that makes it easier for the students to take pictures of their notes on journal books, blackboards, whiteboards, and other printed documents. One of the fascinating features of the application is that students do not have to worry about bad lighting since there is a feature that eliminates shadows and glare from the image. Therefore, if you want an application that will help you save time in your writing process, you might consider using this application. 

The Evernote

The application is ideal for task management as well as note-taking. Therefore, if you are searching for an application that will assist you in creating, compiling, and organizing your notes while still managing all other tasks, you might consider ensuring that you utilize this application. One of the fascinating things about the application is that it aids students in creating notes from a wide range of things such as audio footage, online web content, photographs, drawings, and text. Once you have completed taking your notes, they will be stored in an electronic notebook, where you can add tags, labels, and other relevant attachments. An individual can also export the notes to other devices. 

The Motion

This is the ideal application for the students who need to focus on their time. The majority of the students often spend most of their time on their laptops, browsing academic sites, writing notes, and communicating with friends and relatives. Unfortunately, most students do not know that notifications, whether from laptops or mobile phones, make the body produce dopamine, which distracts concentration. This is one of the reasons why most students often struggle to concentrate on their studies once they have spared a few minutes to check their phones. The good news is that the application will aid in blocking common sources of distraction, such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and many other social media platforms. The application will also give you information on the productive and unproductive amount of time you have spent online. 

Google Drive

The application is best for task management and storing documents as well as other vital files. The application allows students to save all their documents online. It is essential to note that students can access those documents using their computer, tablet, smartphone, or any technological device provided it is connected to the internet. There are numerous benefits students stand to enjoy by using cloud-based services such as Google Drive. For instance, even when the computer or mobile phone gets lost, individuals can still access their documents, regardless of their geographical location. If you struggle to manage your activities and store your documents, you might consider utilizing this application. 


The application is ideal mainly for task management. Therefore, if you are searching for an application to assist you with managing various activities and that will work efficiently on different devices, you might consider using this application since it will assist you in organizing various things in your life. It is essential to note that the Todoist application combines attachments, comments, projects, and various tasks that will aid an individual in streamlining and increasing their productivity as well as completing their products. 

Essentially, although smartphones can at times be distractive, students should strive to utilize them to their advantage. Confidently, by reading this article, you will better understand some of the applications that every student needs on their smartphone. 

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