Tesla Model P concept Phone is Connected to Your Brain

Antonio de Rosa is a designer who has created some stunning Apple concepts, including smartphones, Macs and other gorgeous gizmos. Now he’s back with a Tesla phone, inspired by the latest endeavors of Elon Musk and all of his companies and projects. Let’s check it out! Meet the Tesla Model P.

First of all, this is obviously not an official Tesla product and not associated with the car maker. The device itself looks pretty basic when seen from the front, with a narrow edge to edge screen. Tesla Model P is “forged by the fire” and it’s ultra resilient, using special alloys. It also connects directly to the brain via Neuralink, letting you input all commands just by thinking them. It has 4 back cameras and they’re able to turn pitch black areas to lit ones via AI.

The concept phone provides crypto mining resources, using mining rigs from Mars. Just when you thought you’d seen everything, the device charges with solar energy and also serves as a Tesla car key. It connects to Starlink with a special VIP account and reserved faster connectivity. All that’s lacking is some way to also hook it up to the Boring Company and we’re all set. The back side features a transparent solar panel and the design somehow feels like a project that would come from one of Andy Rubin’s side companies.

Not bad though…

via Antonio De Rosa

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